Gimnasium after renovation

On September 1, 2020, after a major overhaul under the regional program “My New School,” MBCI “Gymnasium No. 21” hospitably welcomes its students and delights them with the overall attractiveness of the school space, both inside and outside the building.

A lot of new and unexpected things await gymnasium pupils:

  • a well-equipped school area with a park area, playgrounds and sports grounds, a stadium with stands for spectators, parking for bicycles and scooters;

  • recreation areas with comfortable furniture, classrooms and laboratories equipped with everything necessary for acquiring knowledge and mastering various skills;

  • a library with a reading room arranged in an open space;

  • updated sports and gym rooms, dance class and much more.

Recreation at school is a place where schoolchildren can spend their time before classes, during breaks and after classes, so the emphasis is on public spaces, which play a more important role in the lives of schoolchildren than classrooms. Each of the six recreations is thematic.

For example, the design for recreation in a primary school is inspired by Lewis Carroll's fairy tale "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

This zone is completely different from others in its originality and multifunctionality.

Hyde Park with Speakers' Corner - a place for educational seminars, debates and literary duels, is comfortably located on the second floor.

The technical mini-park is located in the third floor recreation area. Here are exhibits with which you can and should interact: explore, collect, solve puzzles, tug, jump and even scream. In our mini-park, you can not only touch the exhibits, but also need to!

Innovative ideas require two things: creative minds and inspiring spaces!

The new generation interactive complex ScriptoriUM© gives our students the opportunity to work on a project according to Agile principles,

when it is not technologies and tools that come to the fore, but people and their interactions.

ScriptoriUM© makes it possible to visualize the results of a brainstorming session, save them as a file, visually present the results of the work to the audience, without requiring special skills from students and teachers - everything is simple and intuitive.

Using ScriptoriUM© as a teamwork tool contributes to: increasing the personal confidence of students, developing “team spirit”, communication skills and the ability to cooperate, launching the mechanism of critical thinking.

This material describes a small part of what the school acquired thanks to the major renovation! The guys will be surprised and delighted by a lot.

Our new school embodies coziness and comfort with an atmosphere of warmth and harmony, while the coloristic solutions for the interior and facade are emphatically restrained.

We express our gratitude to everyone who made our “second home” modern, cozy and unusual!